About Us

Four Paw Emporium
Four Paw Emporium focuses on the needs of Cats and Dogs

I have always been an animal lover, and I was lucky to work at a Veterinarian Hospital for a few months. I felt that it was time to create a website that only focuses on cats and dogs.  The products on my website are picked for the purpose of keeping our cats and dogs active and safe in all aspects of their life.

My mission is to create a site for people that involve their furry companions in all aspects of their lives.  My site will contain, products for camping, outdoor outings, toys that keep them alert and active, carriers that are comfortable and safe, and special containment products so that our furry companions can be with you through all aspects of your life.


Please feel free email me at fourpawemporium@gmail.com with any ideas or suggestions, thank you for your help.